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For wine drinkers, adventurers, explorers, who are looking for "a little more".

Un po' di più literally translates as 'a little more', with wine being the heart of the adventure. We want to offer a little more than just a glass of wine, or a serious tasting. Wine is also the gateway to fun, to stories, to connection, to food, to and with each other. We believe in multidimensional experience, music, environment, good food and drinks, hospitality, an adventure that will amaze everyone, and also good for the world and nature.

Un po' di più, that little bit more than wine.

We are happy to serve you the smaller bio Italian wineries and bring it to you while we are on a small journey together. An experience with wine at his heart.

We like to serve the smaller bio Italian wineries where it is part of an experience with wine at the heart.

Wine: an ancient and beautiful natural product, the liquid compound, and with the right care and dedication, a treat! no harvest is the same, every year a different experience and journey to the best result.

We serve bottles with labels that please the eye and stimulate your imagination. Because let's face it, at the table, at the waterfront, for your picknick in the park, as a gift, you just want a nice picture on that bottle.

A full glass of fun, adventure, hugs,food music, art, nature,
and above all, of course WINE...

We are wine drinkers and importers, who are bringing tales back to the table.

Which stories do you taste in our wines?


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